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Anyone who has participated on a peer trip to Israel before the age of 18 is now eligible for a second chance to see Israel through a different lens on a Taglit-Birthright Israel trip. Read more about this change on JCCA.org.

Winter 2015

JCC Camp Staff (ages 18–26)

Why travel to Israel with us?

Travel with your tribe – those who love camp – with JCC Association and Taglit-Birthright Israel this winter. The trip, for those 18-26, provides an opportunity to experience the Jewish homeland with others who work in JCC camps. Attend this winter – the trip has yet to be scheduled but will take place sometime between mid-December and mid-January – and return to camp energized and excited by all the ways you can incorporate your Israel takeaway next summer!

General Registration*

You can register on our partner, Routes travel – Amazing Israel's website www.amazingisrael.com. For more information call 1-800-606-0416 or email amazingisrael@routestravel.com. Be sure to specify that you are interested in the JCC camp staff trip.


JCC Boarding Pass

JCC Boarding Pass, JCC Association’s travel program, designs specific trips for JCC members, based on their interests. You can spend days exploring Israel’s vibrant art scene, or you can eat your way through the variety of cuisines that contribute to Israel’s new foodie culture. Israel has one of the most diverse environments in the world and is a leader in green technology. Find out more on your customized natural-wonder journey. Learn what’s really behind the sound bites you hear on cable news.

Boarding Pass Photos

These JCCs will be visiting Israel, contact them if you are interested in participating or would like more information:

Merage JCC of Orange County, December 2014
Email the trip coordinator, Dan Bernstein

JCC of Central New Jersey, November 2014
Email the trip coordinator, Sharon Rockman

Harry and Rose Samson JCC of Milwaukee, April 2015
Arts and Culture
Email the trip coordinator

Salt Lake City, February 2015
Email the trip coordinator

Sid Jacobson JCC, February – March 2015
Email the trip coordinator

San Antonio, March 2015
Email the trip coordinator

Cherry Hill, March 2015
Email the trip coordinator

Louisville JCC, March 2015
Email the trip coordinator

JCC Metrowest, April 2015
Older Adults
Email the trip coordinator, Sharon Gordon

St. Louis, May-June 2015
Email the trip coordinator, Brad Horowitz

Pittsburgh, December 2015
Email the trip coordinator, Brian Schreiber

Wilmington, December 2015-January 2016
Email the trip coordinators, Brent M. Saliman and Regina Alonzo

Bridgewater, Dcember 2015-January 2016
Email the trip coordinators, Caryn Kenin and Adena Feinstein

JCC Boarding Pass Jewish Europe and Israel Trips

Boarding Pass Jewish Europe and Israel Trips is a new program from JCC Israel Center. Participants will have an opportunity to marvel at Europe’s architectural beauty, explore historic sites, and learn about Europe’s rich Jewish heritage.

The Boarding Pass program can be used as an outreach initiative to engage new community members as yet not affiliated with the JCC, or to offer another quality program and connection point for your members. Experience has shown that JCC Boarding Pass trips facilitate meaningful experiences for first-timers, veteran visitors, repeat JCC Boarding Pass participants, and even native-born Israelis involved in JCCs.

Alpert JCC, October-November 2015
Spain and Israel
Contact the trip coordinators, Susan Paletz and Sharon Keningsberg

Is Boarding Pass offering Europe AND Israel in one package?

After we enjoy the Boarding Pass European destination, the trip will continue to Israel, where travelers will have a chance to connect their European experience with contemporary Israel. The trips will run 12–15 days. We will work with you to create the right trip for your community.
Visits to JCCs and Jewish communities in Europe will be organized by JCC Global.

For more about these trips, download the Jewish Europe and Israel Brochure.


Contact Faryn Bierman in the JCC Association Israel Office for more information about these trips.

Phone: 011-972-2-625-1265

E-Mail: faryn@jcca.org 



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