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Where can you find a preschool and a pottery studio in the same facility? Where can your mother  join a bridge group with other older adults, and your son play in a basketball league with all of his buddies? What if you were able to drop your kids off at day camp, book a massage or personal training session, and then meet your friends for a cup of coffee at the same location? All this and more happens every day at Jewish Community Centers.



With 350 locations, there's a JCC nearby.

Use our JCC Finder to locate your closest JCC. With 350, there might be one closer than you think. After you learn more about your local JCC, you'll find out why JCC users are willing to travel any distance for the convenience of being able to do so much in one place. All JCCs have special offerings, but services you're likely to find at your local Jewish Community Center include

  • Health and fitness center
  • Day and resident camps
  • Preschool and early-childhood programs
  • Arts and culture events and classes
  • And much more


One community center, so many possibilities.

One thing all JCCs have in common is our commitment to delivering the best experience in every service we offer. Whether you have children enrolled at one of our summer camps, or you are looking for a health and fitness center, your local JCC is sure to offer some of the highest-quality options in your neighborhood.

Find your local JCC and schedule a visit to tour the facility. Explore all the possibilities we have to offer you and your family.




Join for the convenience and value; stay becuase of the welcoming community.

"Warm", "inclusive" and "welcoming" is how over two million members users describe their local JCC. Don't take our word for it. Read what JCC users say or ask anyone who had belonged to one of our 350 JCCs or day camps. Visit your local JCC and take a tour. As soon as you walk in, you'll feel the warmth and understand that this isn't your average gym or community center. Jewish Community Centers welcome everyone. While celebrating our Jewish heritage and traditions, we invite everyone to take advantage of the services JCCs have to offer and enjoy the connections you will make. You belong here.

We invite you to visit your local JCC and discover the JCC Difference for yourself.

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