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JCCs of North America Fantasy Football Challenge



What is the JCCs of North America Fantasy Football Challenge?

The JCCs of North America Fantasy Football Challenge (The Challenge or JCCFFC) is back for a third season! The Challenge is a 13-week fantasy football fundraiser, complete with prizes for participants, friendly competition, and an opportunity for JCCs to earn some incremental revenue for every participant they recruit. We welcome all adults (18+ years old, or teams with at least one person 18+ years old) across the US and Canada to play. You can register with us by clicking on the orange "Register" buttons found on this page. JCC Association then organizes 10-person leagues, e-mails you all necessary information, and you create an ESPN.com log in to play in a private, JCC-only competition. With weekly head-to-head completion as well as our own leader board, there are quite a few ways to win!

Our Facebook and Twitter are a good way to take a glimpse at The Challenge and get the latest on which JCCs are involved, who has won what prizes, and any other important information.

How it works

The registration fee is $50 per person/team (typically 1 person = 1 team, though can be more). All participants will play on ESPN.com and will play head-to-head against teams from their league each week. In addition, all participants will have the opportunity to win grand prizes and weekly prizes by competing against all teams in The Challenge for total points.

Registration fees cover overhead costs (shipping prizes, website fees, credit card fees, etc.) and of the net profit, 25% goes to JCC Association to re-invest in next year and 75% goes back to JCCs based on the number of teams they recruited. Pick your local JCC, or one nearby. If you don’t see your JCC on the list, let us know, and we’ll reach out to them about opting in to The Challenge (fantasyfootballchallenge@jcca.org). To learn more about fantasy football and the rules visit ESPN Fantasy Football.


GRAND PRIZE (for the team with the highest overall point total at the end of the fantasy playoffs): (4) 4-day park hopper passes to Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL; (4) round-trip tickets on Southwest Airlines; 4-night stay for (4) in The Peabody Hotel, Orlando, FL; congratulatory phone call from ESPN's Matthew Berry

SECOND PLACE (for the team with the second highest overall point total at the end of the fantasy playoffs): (2) round-trip tickets on Southwest Airlines

THIRD PLACE (for the team with the third highest overall point total at the end of the fantasy playoffs): (2) round-trip tickets on Southwest Airlines

END OF YEAR “LOTTERY PRIZE” (winner picked at random after the end of the fantasy regular season): (2) round-trip tickets on Southwest Airlines

WEEKLY PRIZE: (2) tickets to any Six Flags location in the US

LEAGUE PRIZES: The team in each league with the best win-loss record has their choice of the following prizes from Staples: Brookstone BBQ Kit, device charging station, football bean bag throw game (aka cornhole or baggo), FitBit, OR (3) $25 gift cards from any of the retailers listed below:

American Eagle
Bass Pro Shop
Build a Bear
Dave & Busters

JC Penny
Lands End
Lane Bryant
Lord & Taylor

Regal Entertainment
Sunglass Hut
The Home Depot

I'm Registered — Now What?

After you register with JCC Association, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with next steps. Keep this e-mail so that if you need to change or add anything to your registration you can.

If you do not have one already, log on to ESPN.com and create a username and password; it’s free. You can reuse your one from past seasons of The Challenge or other fantasy sports you play on ESPN.com.

The JCC you chose to affiliate with will receive the proceeds from your registration at the end of the season based on the number of teams that affiliate with that JCC. If you do not see your JCC you can pick another local JCC or let us know and we’ll reach out to that JCC about opting into The Challenge (fantasyfootballchallenge@jcca.org)

Rules, Scoring and Details

After you register with JCC Association, there will be a delay until all teams have registered for The Challenge. 

JCC Association will send you your league assignment and ESPN.com league login information.  You will need to be registered with ESPN.com (it’s free) so that you have a personal ID to use in The Challenge.

The JCC you chose to affiliate with will receive the proceeds from your registration at the end of the season based on the number of teams that affiliate with that JCC

Click below for all of the ESPN standard scoring rules, then go to either General Rules or Standard Leagues and click on the link that can answer your question. These rules are the official rules for the JCCs of North America Fantasy Football Challenge.

ESPN standard scoring rules

Supplemental Rule: Tiebreakers for Grand and Weekly Prizes (based on total roto points from the overall Challenge):

  1. Winning percentage to date
  2. Total wins to date
  3. Total bench points
  4. League winner (Grand Prize only)
  5. Coin flip

All leagues are 10-team standard ESPN leagues, no exceptions. If you cannot attend a draft you can draft from home or on the road. If you cannot be online for the draft you can have the computer autopick for you

Refunds will be issued in the event of a total cancellation of the season; if there is an abbreviated season, The Challenge will be held for however long the season is. All winners are subject to a “fantasy audit” by the FFC Committee to ensure fair play. JCC Association employees are not eligible to win the weekly prizes or grand prizes, but staff at JCCs are eligible and encouraged to play.



A special thank you to everyone who made this possible.


Does each JCC create their own registration or is this done through JCC Association?

This is all done through JCC Association. A JCC Association administrator will forward each registrant all necessary information about what league they are o and how to access their league for ESPN.com draft picks. All JCCs have to do is promote the Challenge to their members and community.

Is there a limit to the number of leagues a JCC has? For example, can we have one 10-team staff league and three other 10-team member leagues?

There are no limits. Each JCC can have as many leagues and teams as they would like. Keep in mind that the leagues need to be exactly 10 people, so we reserve the right to fill your league with other teams from different JCCs if necessary.

Do participants have to be members of the JCC or is it open to the public?

The Challenge is open to the public. Anyone aged 18+ can play. If you are under 18, you can play as part of a 2-person team with one party aged 18+. The registered adult does need to be a resident of US or Canada.

I have concerns about the autodraft. I feel that all participants should be required to show up to drafts. I don't think it would be fair if a person who skips out on the draft ends up with a winning team.

It is much better when all participants are there in person to draft, but in some cases it can't be helped. We suggest making sure that the draft is a date/time that everyone can make (even if it is not during the national Draft Night). If you want to change your draft time, one team can propose the change and 8 others have to accept it. If you know ahead of time your league wants to draft a different time or date, let us know and we can set it up ahead of time (fantasyfootballchallenge@jcca.org).

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